“The Boys” MV (English and Korea Ver. Comparison)

After Girls’ Generation Music Video “The Boys” released on October 19th, 2011. Looks a little different between English version and Korea version. It’s very smooth. You can’t see they clear. But, I’m using two video player in my computer and play this video at same time. I found more different both. Movie video screenshot below is English version on left side and Korea version on right side. I capture that at same time (exactly). May be different in millisecond only. You can check it out yourself.

First I saw this music video, I think this is 1 video and change the music only. But I’m wrong after found all different between both. I see different lips movement at Yoona, Sunny, and SooYoung at first time (under 2 minutes 30 seconds played).

Very fast they are dancing and very fast transition be one factor is the invisibility of difference.
#Sorry if my English bad. :)

You can check it out. :)


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